Mariatu Kamara- Don Mills Library One min and University of Calgary (I hour long) 13- (watch from 13 min- as long as you want)

Ishmael Beah- The Hour Ishmael and CBC Ishamel


grade 9 IP graphic organizer   Grade 9 Inquiry Project    Career Decision Making   inquiry love questions Good Questions Debate Topics 

Top 10 Most Controversial Issues of 2014

MLA Stuff

MLA Powerpoint MLA Formatting Cheat Sheet

Grammar Stuff

sentence construction Sentence Types Sentence Fragments Comma Splice Conjunctions

Act One Assignments: Act 1 Summary Assessment Tasks 2015

Act Two Assignments: Act 2 – Project Personal persuasive piece outcomes

Act Three Assignments: Storify Act Three

Act Four Assignments: act four

Act Five Assignments: Act Five Assignments

CBC Shakespeare Selfie Page 

Background for Romeo and Juliet

We started the following in class:  How to Take One Sentence Summary Notes

For Monday, please read and take note of the following:  the-history-of-the-theatre-jp    william-shakespeare-biography (1  I added this in later, and we viewed it in class. The Globe Theatre

We will review the Renaissance on Tuesday. the-5-major-events-of-the-renaissance-period

For Wednesday, February 4th please watch The History of English in 10 minutes AND Beautiful Day by U2. You just need to watch them. I will provide you with the worksheets in class, but feel free to print them off if you would like. language and son

Please read the document. You DO NOT need to do any of the paraphrasing. I would like to go over the paraphrasing in class. Shakes life, structure of a shake drama play, and paraphrasing activity

We’ll go over these in class, so do not fret. Shakespeare’s Grammar Letter   Shakespeare’s Grammar

Please watch the following video on Insults by Shakespeare. You will need this video in order to write your beloved a letter. If you have time, take a look at this article too.

Stuff you May Need 

Outcomes Based Rubrics- outcome based AR   Outcomes based CC Rubric   Outcomes Rubric CR    Guide to Decoding My Gradebook

Flipped Classroom Concept-Flipped Classroom Information 2014 Course Outline: English Language Arts B9 AP course outline


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