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I have two A30 courses this semester and I am updating and changing through the weebly. Check there for new/changed items for the 2015/16 year.

Course Outline:ela a30 course outline 12-13                  Bellwork: bell work proch

Canadian Quiz: What do you know about Canada? CBC Canadian Citizenship Quiz 

Canadian Stereotypes:

RMR Canada Explained 

Rick Mercer on Annoying Canadian Stereotypes 

South Park: Blame Canada 

Russell Peters: Canadian Accents 

Russell Peters: Canadian Citizen 

Whose Line is it Anyway: Film Dub 

What is a Canadian?

Politically Correct O Canada

I’m Me and Damn Proud of it    Joe’s Rant     I’m Me and Damn Proud of It – National Identity

Politically Correct O Canada by Michael Friesen

Where the World Began margaret lawrence

“Growing Up in a Small Town” Lenore Chapman          Growing Up In a Small Country Town

Your Rant: Rant Outline

“How to be Canadian”  How to be Canadian Questions

Canadian Poetry:

Major Themes in Canadian Poetry  Major Themes in Canadian Poetry

Poetry Terminology: Introduction to Poetry and LiteraryDevices 30A   Poetic Terminology

Duke Redbird- I am Canadian I am Canadian by Duke Redbird        I am Canadian by Duke Redbird

and “The Lonely Land” A.J.M. Smith The Lonely Land by A.J.M Smith

“The Provinces” A.M. KleinThe Provinces by A.M Klein (Study Guide)

Short Story Elements Short Story Elements 30good one

Lamp at Noon The Lamp at Noon Questions The Lamp at Noon Vocabulary

One’s A Heifer One’s a Heifer Plot Diagram      One’s a Heifer Response questions       One’s A Heifer Vocabulary

Hey- If you took the time to look here, that is great because here is your vocabulary test for tomorrow! 🙂 ELA A30 Vocabulary Test

Options for essay writing:

Your Essay is due Monday, March 11th. We will be working on these for the remainder of the week.

Canadian Etymology Handouts               Is Zed Dead in Canada                             Toque not Toque         True Story of the Canadian Interjection Eh              Where Did Canadian English Come From

Assignment: Canadian Etymology 2012

Mini Student Booklet- Do You Speak Canadian – Student Materials

Poetry Unit: (Last time we look at poetry as a unit! Promise)

Not Just a Platform For My Dance by Marilyn Dumont     The Law Of The Yukon – poem   The Law of the Yukon – questions Poetry Assignment: Vast & Varied – Assignment 1-2 (Analysis & Poem)

Time for a Test! (or two) Before the Easter Holidays are here, we need to have a few tests. We will have a short story test that pertains to major themes in Sinclair Ross’s stories, as well as questions pertaining to Canadian Identity and etymology. As for the poetry, we have done quite a bit now and I will give the class a choice.

Option A- No poetry test.  🙂 Oral interpretation in front of the class of a poem of choice that we have NOT studied in class.

Poetry Analysis & Oral Interpretation

Option B- Poetry test. All poems we have done, with terminology from the Poetry handouts and a sight piece.

You may do either. If you choose the presentation, you will have one hour of class time to work on it in the library while the other students write the exam. The test and the presentation will be worth the same amount of marks. The choice is yours!

Our unit exam will take place on Thursday, April 11th. It consists of everything we have done EXCEPT poetry.

Great Canadian Novel Study ipad edition

Great Canadian Novel Study Week One

New QR code: April 19th

Screen chomp instructions

Canadian Humour

Canadian Humour Worksheets    Canadian Humour intro jp     Canadian Humour – Answer Key  

Comedic Technique Clips

Here are some awesome videos to help you explore different comedic techniques and help further deepen our understanding of Canadian Humour. Please ensure you fill out the worksheet here: Comedic Techniques follow up jp

RMR – Slap Chop       Ellen and the Hawaii chair       Michael Jackson – Bad  & Wierd Al Yankovic        America’s Funniest Home Videos          Canada – Jim Carrey       Don’t Judge Too Quickly       Don’t Judge

Canadian Humour Essay Assignment- canadian humour essay jp

Canadian Humour Clips- You have A LOT of options, so I know you can do the assignment!!

This Hour Has 22 Minute       Gordon Pinset Reads Justin Biebe         Sidney Crosby

Red Green Show    MC Ham        Hot Sauce

Rick Mercer Report           Canada Explained    Talking to Americans 

Strange Brew         The Last Beer   2051AD

Royal Canadian Air Farce     I am Canadian    US/Canada Border     Quantum of Canada

Corner Gas       The Big Hoe       Surveillance Bush    Season Three Episode 2

Music Assignment Canadian Music

Inquiry paper- Due Thursday, May 30th (May as well hand it in before Grad!)

inquiry     essay layout jp     Inquiry Paper grade 12     Inquiry Rubric jp     IP graphic organizer

April Raintree: The Introduction is due Thursday, May 28th, Part One is due Monday, June 3rd

April Raintree 2013 jp package


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